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Blitzks is a leading animation studio in Malaysia and glob international clients specializing in composting visual effects, Animations, Motion Graphics, TV commercials, Digital Post-production services. Our esteemed services extend to conceptual designing, revolutionary practices and technology for production, architectural visualizations, and corporate presentations.

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What people say

"Great job and you lived up to your 'brand promise' you made me look good."
Manoj D
Producer & Director
Massina UK TV,
United Kingdom

"He’s a very nice guy and a pleasure to have around the office.”

Oliver Elvies
Creative Director FOX Media Networks Singapore
"The only way this project could have been improved is if we had sufficient funds to move faster. Thank you Blitzks!”
Ansari K K
Cinematographer & Filmmaker.

"He’s a very nice guy and a pleasure to have around the office.”

Rusira R
3D Artist (Freelancer) &
VFX Supervisor

"It was great, we got what we needed and blitzks team was pleasant to work with.”
Anil Kumar
Film Director &
Founder AYK Studios